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Werk 1: Horst Baumgart Horst Baumgart was born in 1932 in Kraftborn/ Silesia. Early, he developed the ability to painting his environment true to original. In the early post-war years he became an advertising designer. Unfortunately, he realised soon that he could not unfold his filigree skills in this genre. Therefore, he decided to work as a setting painter in Hannover and was highly demanded after a short time. He decided to become a professional artist after he had worked with professor Kufittich in Bamberg.

His paintings are romantic retrospections of a time which values revive these days.
He uses impressions that he gets on educational journeys through Scandinavia, Italy and through the Balkans.
Today Baumgart is famous in nearly every allocation. This can be seen in the great demand for his paintings.

His technically brilliant and distinctive manner enjoys great appreciation. One can derive from this appreciation in how far viewers are able to identify themselves with the paintings.
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