Walter Rohrbach

Born on March, 21st 1939 in Hesse.

For generations there had been church painters in his mother’s family. His uncle is an academically educated painter. Walter Rohrbach, who is also a talented painter, started to painting nature when he was in primary school. There he was supported by his teacher.

On demand of his parents he became a public servant. Nevertheless, he took every chance for further education in painting. Finally he quitted his career as a public servant in order to concentrate on the painting of hunting scenes and landscapes. Art connoisseurs appreciate his paintings already for a long time. His works are mostly painted in oil- or water colours or in distemper and pastel. His paintings of hunting scenes and landscapes have to be mentioned explicitly in this respect. But also his watercolour paintings of flowers and works that show villages and landscapes of Hesse are always attracting interest.

Expositions in Fulda, Böblingen, Sindelfingen, Nürnberg, Dortmund, Kassel and in famous galleries led to his success.