Joachim Bereuter

Joachim Bereuter was born in Reinbek/ Hamburg in 1946.

He completed his degree in painting in 1979 and started a career as a freelanced artist afterwards. On his educational journeys he visited Western Europe, the USA and Japan.

Bereuter acquired an excellent painting technique and his technical proficiency is able to revive traditional values. In the still lifes that he is painting he establishes the perfect illusion of three-dimensionality.
The versatility and the recognisable patterns in his pictures are not subjects to any trends which is the reason that he is so successful for decades.

He attended many international expositions and arranged more than 100 personal expositions.

Bereuter’s work is unique and the success he has is a confirmation for his attitude towards art. Today, he is one of the most famous exponents of contemporary art.
His paintings can be seen worldwide.