Chekirov, Namazbek

Namazbek Chekirov was born on February 6th, 1979 in the former Soviet Republic Kirgisien. He was fascinated and inspired even then from paintings dealing with cities, landscapes and nature, especially flowers and animals.

Chekirov attended the State Art Academy in Kirgisien from 1997 to 2001. Afterwards, he conquered his own special artistic challenge and this is revealed in his paintings of cities collection. Since 2003 he lives and works in Germany. His various works were known in little time and he soon was recognized in over 24 countries.

His paintings offer the observer an extraordinary impression filled with true interpretations of originality. His remarkable visual attraction and subtleties found in his paintings capture the essence of time standing still.

Since 2002, Chekirov consistently presented his works in various renowed exhibitions in Germany as well as abroad, with great success.

The selection of pictures only represents a small insight into this versatile artist`s work. He also expresses a further artistic aspect, which focuses on figurative painting.